Our Story

Family of Artisans and Traders, a story that began in 1957, has its roots in Bevagna, an Umbrian town, imported against Roman and Medieval times. Immediately the Curiosity and the Research of Materials, combined with the new concept of Design have made this Jewelery the reference point for those Customers who were looking for quality Jewelery with a strong identity in line with the historical period.

The Oriere style

In the generational change, the Maison decides to bind itself to a name with a strong emotional impact that linked history and tradition and that forward impulse that characterized it.

ORIERE 1957 LabCreativo

Expressing its avant-garde creative spirit, gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, combined with the impeccable goldsmith mastery have given the opportunity to you Gioielli ORIERE 1957 to make itself known in Italy and in the rest of the world.

“ORIERE” – The name that in the Middle Ages enclosed the figure of the goldsmith craftsman.

“1957” – The date from which this journey started, which still today sets new goals with an enthusiasm that does not end.

“In the artisan tradition, the idea of ​​innovation”

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